The page load speed is an important part of your website.  It is one of the things which can really influence the user experience and can either help you to retain customers or lose them entirely.  Did you know the majority of web users (according to research) prefer a site to load within 2 seconds?  Some sites can take as long as 10-20 seconds to load!  The longer the site takes to fully load, the more likely your web user is going to go off onto a different site.

As web designers, there are lots of ways you can help speed up the loading time of a website.  The first is to reduce the size and resolution of images or photos used on the site.  Large scale images can take much longer to load and can make the site look a bit odd if they are not loading in time with everything else!  The same goes for video clips – as is the trend now, people like to have video clips within their headers to grab attention and explain about their brand – these video clips can be time consuming to load, so it is certainly worth compressing these down to make load times faster.