Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to attract new visitors to a website, and hopefully convert them into buyers!  Here, an advertiser needs to pay for the ad based on the qualifying clicks.  Payments are made only when visitors click on the advert to visit the website or page.  What exactly is involved in developing a really good PPC campaign?

Work out what you want to achieve: it might be that you want to get more subscribers, more sales or increased brand awareness.  You need to know what your goals are before starting, or you could end up running a campaign in the wrong direction!

Have a clear budget: you must establish what you budget is before you start, as an advertiser you will need to make payments based on the number of qualifying clicks.

List your keywords: This is very important!  The selection of the right keywords is essential to your campaign.  Only with the right keywords can a promotion work through PPC.

Finalise your target keywords: you can select your keywords using a number of online tools such as Google Keywords Planner, or you could take on the expertise of a digital marketing agency to help you.