When it comes to taking on the services of an SEO agency, there are lots of options out there!  Here is a guide to making sure you hire the right consultant for you and your business.

Learn the Basics

It is important to have an idea what SEO is before you start looking for an agency – try having a read online and getting an overall understanding before you start.  This will mean you are able to understand any jargon they throw at you and you will have an idea of the sort of steps which might be involved.

Understand the Difference Between SEO and SEM

Many agencies describe themselves as Digital Marketing agencies – they can do SEO, but they also do SEM, search engine marketing.  This is more to do with paid search adverts such as Pay Per Click (PPC).  SEO is the organic form of advertising.  You can have both, but SEO is not really to do with paid search.

Have Key Information Available

You will need to have accounts in order such as your Google analytics for the SEO team to use in their work.  Make sure you have these set up ready to go!