Web design might seem relatively easy, and something that anyone can learn – really it requires a deep level of knowledge and skills, and can take a long time to learn.  A great web designer is certainly worth taking on, as they can create the best website for your business needs.  How do you go about finding a good one?

Search!  Look online for web designers, and find a few you like the look of.  You might want to search locally if you want to be able to meet in person, otherwise go ahead and search anywhere!  There will be a lot of results when you search for web designers, so have a good look at each of them.

Get in touch! Contact a designer you like the look of and discuss with them what you are after.  They should be able to give you a rough estimate for pricing, along with some inital ideas to start off with.  They might need a few days to come back with an inital design proposal, so be prepared to wait.

Check their portfolio!  A good web designer should have examples of their work available to see – they might have links on their site, or they might have examples on their website for you to look at.  If you notice most of their sites look the same, they might not be skilled to customise your site fully.