SEO relies heavily on good quality content – websites are often penalised if the pages do not have sufficient content, or content which is poor quality.  By optimising your content, you can be sure that your site will get ahead in the rankings.

Your article should be really well written, engaging and informative.  Perhaps try presenting a topic from a fresh angle – a good hook in the start with useful information should make people want to read it!  Well written articles with good content attract more traffic, which means more visitors will come to your site.  This makes your article attractive to potential advertisers who may wish to advertise on your site.  Try to get your keyword within the title, as SEO robots will scan the article to find out what the keywords are.

As well as the main keywords, it is worth featuring a range of additional words and phrases which are related to the main keyword.  These could be simply alternative phrases or similar phrases.  The Search Engine spiders will look for keywords and similar words, and see how often they are mentioned.

Make sure your article is presented correctly – it needs a good title, to be split into paragraphs with subheadings.  Do not try to use your keyword too often, it should be naturally placed.