Lots of people think it is easy to make a website – there are lots of web building tools online which allow you to drag and drop images and pop in a few words, but remember that these are highly generic tools and templates, not specifically designed for your business.  Here are the main reasons not to use a web builder to get your website running.

  1. Custom options: free website templates and builders do not have options to customise your site, and are not interactive.  Adding extra features simply isn’t possible!  Thousands of other people will be using the same templates and themes, so there will be lots of very similar looking sites out there…
  2. Working Ethic: it will be quicker and easier to let someone who knows what they are doing build your site, so you can spend time generating your business!
  3. Looking pro: a website built by a designer will always look professional.
  4. SEO: google tends to avoid ranking DIY sites, even if they do claim to be optimised.  Well designed sites will be optimised properly, allowing your site to flourish.
  5. Working with Google: DIY site builders cannot be verified in Webmaster Tools, so you won’t be able to monitor your site fully using the analytics software.
  6. Mobile Sites: more people than ever are using their smartphones to browse online, so your site needs to be mobile friendly!